Strictly Mobile

 May 11, 2016


San Francisco, CA

Early Bird Prize - Arrive by 8am to be eligible for an Amazon Echo courtesy of Amazon. So yes, waking up an extra 15 minutes earlier might make you extra lucky. And extra thrilled you won something.

Who is Alexa and what is she is doing in my home? A fireside chat with Charlie Kindel, Director of Alexa Smart Home with Stuart Lombard, CEO of Ecobee

Start-up Story: Mike Lee, Founder of MyFitnessPal in conversation with Brian Wong, Founder of Kiip

Financing Mobile Start-ups - a discussion with Venture Capitalists Aydin Senkut (Felicis Ventures), Rob Hayes (First Round Capital), and Phil Black (True Ventures) hosted by Jen Holmstrom (Highland Capital Partners)

Virtual Reality is Here – and You’re Not Ready, a keynote by Jeremy Bailenson, Director of Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab

Virtual reality is quickly making its way into mainstream digital life, and the implications for business and lifestyle alike are extraordinary. Businesses that aren’t yet strategizing ways to capitalize on the immersive experiences that virtual reality will deliver are already behind, says Professor Jeremy Bailenson. A natural extension of every major technology we use today, virtual reality will be used to communicate, learn and entertain; it has the potential to transform education, preventative medicine, and just about every domain imaginable. Professor Bailenson explores the possibilities of virtual reality, and how it can – and should – be used to definitively change how people think about, purchase and interact with products and services, and the companies behind them.




Jeremy Bailenson

Jeremy Bailenson is founding director of Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, a Professor in the Department of Communication at Stanford, a Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment, Faculty Director of Stanford’s Digital Learning Forum, and a Faculty Leader at Stanford’s Center for Longevity. He earned a B.A. cum laude from the University of Michigan in 1994 and a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from Northwestern University in 1999. After receiving his doctorate, he spent four years at the University of California, Santa Barbara as a Post-Doctoral Fellow and then an Assistant Research Professor.

Charlie Kindel


As Director, Smart Home, Charlie Kindel leads product development for the Smart Home capabilities of Alexa, the voice service that powers Amazon Echo and other devices. Prior to joining Amazon in 2013, Kindel founded several startups in the Seattle area. Kindel also served for 21 years at Microsoft, where he shipped Internet Explorer, Windows NT, Windows home networking, Windows Media Center, Windows Home Server, and Windows Phone 7. Kindel is a graduate of the University of Arizona, and holds a B.S. in Systems Engineering.

Mike Lee


Mike Lee is co-founder of MyFitnessPal (acquired by UnderArmour in February 2015), the leading health and fitness platform. Prior to founding MyFitnessPal, Mike co-founded NextC, a venture-funded startup focused on building online communities., During his 20 year tenure in the technology industry, Mike has held leadership positions at several other top start-ups in Silicon Valley, including Palm, Handspring,, and Regis McKenna. Mike graduated summa cum laude from Princeton with a B.A. in economics.

Stuart Lombard


A born innovator, Stuart destiny was set by the age of 12 when he began building a foldable canoe that could be carried around in a briefcase. Today, as the President and CEO of ecobee, he is so committed to his work that he was once seen buzzing around the subway during rush hour wearing a bee costume. Granted, it was Halloween. Why such dedication? Because he’s proud to have founded a product that significantly impacts people’s lives and the environment. When Stuart’s not busy fulfilling his role at ecobee, you may find him running, cycling, undertaking a triathlon – or chasing his dog. You may also find him tinkering away on a woodwork project. Trying to finish that foldable canoe? Perhaps.

Aydin Senkut


Aydin is the Founder and Managing Director of Felicis Ventures. An original “super-angel” investor, he was named to Forbes’ 2014 and 2015 Midas List and previously appeared as one of the top 15 tech angels by Businessweek. Aydin is well-known as an early backer of a number of iconic companies including Shopify (NYSE:SHOP), Fitbit (NYSE:FIT), Adyen, Clearslide, Credit Karma, and Rovio. More than 55 Felicis companies such as Brightroll, Climate Corp, Dropcam, Twitch, and Meraki, have been acquired by industry leaders such as Google, Amazon, Cisco, Apple, Microsoft, AT&T, Disney, Yahoo and Ebay. Prior to starting Felicis Ventures, Aydin was a Senior Manager at Google, responsible for strategic partner development and account management in Asia Pacific (including Japan). Aydin received a BS in Business Administration with Honors from Boston University. He also earned an MBA in Marketing from the Wharton School and an MA in International Studies from the School of Arts at the University of Pennsylvania.

Jen Holmstrom

Based in Highland Capital Partners' Palo Alto office, Jennifer leads the firm’s talent program in Silicon Valley with a focus on helping portfolio companies recruit, retain, and develop key managers and employees. 

Jen’s career has been focused on team building in fast growing companies. She has a deep network of technical and product leaders throughout the valley as well as long-standing relationships with executives across the country. 

Prior to joining Highland, Jen was Executive Search at Facebook where she built out the engineering executive search team in addition to hiring technical leaders across the company. Holmstrom also closely collaborated with the founders of Instagram and Oculus to strengthen each group's core leadership and management functions.

Before Facebook, Holmstrom was a Director at San Francisco-based Riviera Partners, an executive search firm focused on recruiting engineering, product and marketing leadership for fast growing venture-backed technology companies. Prior to Riviera, she was a Senior Associate at Schweichler Price Mullarkey & Barry, a San Francisco-based technology and energy focused talent search firm.

A Canadian native, Jen is a graduate of Boston College and has an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley.

Kym McNicholas


Kym’s true purpose in life is to make sure everyone she comes in contact with knows they have a story to tell and lessons to teach.

Kym is a 3x emmy nominated reporter who now is building her fifth video department from scratch. She started working at PandoDaily in March. Along with being the Executive Producer at PandoDaily, a Silicon Valley tech blog, she covers entrepreneurship and technology. She joined PandoDaily after four years at Forbes where she built and ran the video department on the West Coast as well as wrote a blog and contributed regularly to the magazine. Her favorite article was on fellow Summiteer Ido Leffler, CEO of YesTo. The companion video to that piece was the only piece nominated in the “Interview/Feature Segment” category in the 2012 Emmy competition in the SF Chapter.

The highlight of each week at Forbes was being on Fox News Channel Saturday mornings at 8am as part of the “Forbes On Fox” broadcast. She also appeared on NBC 11's pressHere monthly. She continues to appear on NBC 11 as well as CBS as an expert in technology. Kym has worked in the news business for 18 years during which she’s covered business, sports, and general news. 

Rob Hayes


Rob joined First Round as a partner in 2006, opening up the firm's San Francisco office. Over the past ten years, he has led investments in companies such as (acquired by Intuit), Gnip (acquired by Twitter), Square, Uber, and Planet Labs. Prior to joining First Round, Rob became the first venture investor at Omidyar Network, the investment firm started by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar. While there, he led most of the initial venture capital deals and later built and ran the technology investing group.Before that, Rob worked at Palm, where he product managed Palm OS during the heyday of Palm products (Palm III, Palm V, Handspring Treo). He also started the company's corporate venture fund and managed the strategic spinoff of PalmSource. He has an MBA from Columbia University and a B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley.

Phil Black


Phil is a founder of True Ventures with an expertise in early stage investing.  He worked for many years learning the venture trade while at Summit Partners and at the predecessor firm to Lightspeed Venture Partners.  He spent the crazy “internet bubble” years at ABS Ventures working with John Burke, and, in 2003, they co-founded a small angel fund, Blacksmith Capital, which set him on the path of pursuing the earliest stage technology companies that wished to raise modest, initial rounds of capital.  Blacksmith proved on a microcosmic level what True Ventures has been able to institutionalize: great founders of early stage technology companies can and often prefer to start their businesses and get a lot of traction with $2.5 million or less of initial capitalization. The experience and discipline that Phil honed at Blacksmith is a critical asset to True, along with his unending passion and excitement for the early stage technology community.  Phil holds an AB degree in Economics from Stanford University. He is also not afraid to have a little fun with social media and goes by the handle “MrVelvet” on Twitter.  Be sure to ask him about it if you get a chance.

Brian Wong


Kiip (pronounced “keep”) redefines how brands connect with consumers through a rewards platform that targets “achievement moments” in mobile games and apps. This innovative approach to mobile marketing creates meaningful engagements between users, developers and advertisers. Backed by Hummer Winblad, Relay Ventures, True Ventures, Digital Garage and others, the company has raised over $24 million in funding to date. 

Kiip has been recognized by Forbes as one of the “4 Hot Online Ad Companies to Put on Your Watch List,” named on the Dow Jones “FasTech50” and listed on Fast Company’s “50 Most Innovative Companies.” Once the youngest person to ever receive venture capital funding, Brian received his Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia at age 18, after skipping four K­12 grades. 

Brian has been recognized with many awards for his accomplishments and leadership, including: 

●One of Canada’s “Top 20 Under 20” 

●Business Insider’s “Top 25 Under 25 in Silicon Valley,” “30 Under 30 in 

●Advertising” and “18 Most Important People in Mobile Advertising” 

●Forbes’ “30 under 30” for three years 

●Mashable’s “Top 5 Entrepreneurs to Watch” 

●iMedia “25” 

●AdAge “Creativity Top 50” 

Before starting Kiip, Brian led key publisher and tech partnerships at the social news website, where he accelerated the company’s mobile presence by launching the Digg Android mobile app.